Sparkle Effect 2/16

I really struggled this month to put my feelings down on paper.  Not because I had difficulty finding a topic, but because I knew that I couldn’t possibly do it justice.  Have you ever had one of those crystal clear moments?  The moment the clouds part and the sun beams through?  How do you describe a perfect moment where you are one moment all alone and adrift, and then the angels sing and God smiles.  That happened this month. 

I was at a basketball game, in a local high school, watching cheerleaders cheer, and fans clap. Normal.  Right.  What I have always thought of as “your” normal.  My sweet Jenna was there cheering also.  My dear friend Emily turned to me with tears in her eyes, and said, “wow when Ava (8 yo) is in High School, this will all just be normal, no big deal”. Then it hit me, a tornado of emotions, a moment of crystal clearness. MY DAUGHTER is cheering.  My beautiful sweet Jenna and not 7 of her classmates, but 20 of the girls on her TEAM were cheering.  The amazing children at this amazing High School get it.  What we adults seem to have a hard time getting.  That we adults need supports, and notes, and forms and regulations to achieve.  They just do it.  I asked Isa, the head cheerleader, how many girls were on the Sparkle Team and how many were cheerleaders before the game.  And she said “oh, wow, there is no us and them, we are a team. We are Lancers”.  That was it.  We are a team. 

Manchester High School in Chesterfield, county is simply amazing.  The students get it.  These girls get it.  Not us, but WE.  Watch out world, the young people are going to take this world and turn it upside down.  Because they get it.  That thing that has no words, the way it is just suppose to be. Because we all should be able to cheer because you want to cheer.  Or play football.  Or play volleyball.  At your high school.  And work at the place you want to work, doing the work you want to do.  And it will happen, because of people like the students at Manchester High School.

The Sparkle Effect will glitter and twinkle, showering the world through those clouds, making the moments of clarity, not just moments, but as Emily said, but just how it is.

Go Lancers.