Persistently Resilient 5/15

Persistently Resilient


During my first bike ride with Jenna, which we did in Meg’s honor, I reflected on the seemingly insurmountable trauma which occurred in our lives during 2014.  Watching the deterioration of my mother, selling her home, and placing her in a nursing home.  Watching my wonderful, beautiful Rachel blow her knee out while doing what she loves best – playing volleyball.  Watching her struggle for 5 months recovering from a difficult knee surgery.  Seeing the psychological/physical decline of my lovely Jenna.  Losing her to a dark and sad place in her mind.  Finding a still undefined mass in Jenna’s brain, weeks of her not sleeping, her ever increasing aggression/anxiety, and the ultimate punch – deciding to hospitalize her. 

That year truly brought me to my knees, stripping me down to the core of who I am.  Yet, one month after we took her out of the hospital, I am biking with my daughter, listening to the sweet sounds of her laughing and blowing kisses to those we pass, as we honored a woman who has brought so much to others.  I find myself standing again.  Shaky, but standing and facing the sunlight.

Through my life, I am honored to come in contact with so many individuals who face different but equally difficult issues.  They struggle so on a daily basis that it makes my heart ache.  Yet they get up the next day, to do battle again.

Persistently Resilient.

  This is a mantra I have borrowed from a dear fellow traveler, Leslie H.

Persistently Resilient.  It is the ability to work with whatever adversary life throws at you in such a manner  that you come through it unharmed and changed for the better because of it. 

Persistently Resilient.  It requires that one face these adversaries head on, with courage, with love, and with tenacity. 

Persistently Resilient.  It means never ever giving up.  You may stumble and drop to your knees, but after a pause, you struggle to your feet and you stand again, ready to do battle.

Persistently Resilient.  It means that you have a clear understanding that you must move on, that it is vital to those who depend on you. 

Persistently Resilient.  You find that spot in your soul where that clarity of determination lives in all of us, and you hold fast to that sense of purpose and you move on.

Persistently Resilient.  Life grows and is supported by a community of people who come together from all walks of life.  We support each other in ways that are not always clear, but are felt by all who need it.  We may not know each other personally nor may never meet face to face, but through these random acts of kindness, we all learn to lean on and support each other.

Persistently Resilient.  Remember, our lives are all filled with unlimited possibilities.


“In the midst of winter, I finally learned, there was in me, an invincible summer”

Albert Camus.