RTC Sprint Triathlon - Erin Lusby-Donovan's Journey

Here is a peek into a triathlete racing "UA" style for the first time at the RTC Sprint Tri 4/23/16.  Follow her journey on her blog. 

Erin Lusby-Donovan

Blog – https://atriathletesjourney.wordpress.com/

“For our family, finding balance is about gratitude and understanding.  It’s not always easy and certainly not always pretty, but it is always better.”

 I have been on the edge of my seat (or at the edge of my keyboard) waiting to officially announce this amazing opportunity.

This is Rachel! This 13 year old young lady is full of life and loves to race. On April 23rd in Richmond, Rachel, her infectious smile and I will be taking the RTC Sprint Triathlon course by storm. As a part of the United Athletics team, we will be a part of a group of sensational individuals and racer volunteers as we swim, bike, and run our way to the finish line.

"Founded in 2012, the mission of United Athletics is to pair local athletes and individuals who require physical assistance to participate in a variety of events – swimming, biking, running, and triathlon races, promoting both social inclusion and fellowship." (taken from their website)

For the next two months, I will be documenting this journey that Rachel, her family, and my family will be taking together. Also, I ask you to look into United Athletics and consider making a donation to their Medical fund, where families of individuals with special needs can apply for assistance.