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Emergency Preparedness

Everyone needs to plan for any potential disasters.  Those of us with special someone's need to plan even more intently.  Below is some information to consider:


Emergency Preparedness

1.      Basic Emergency Supply Kit

    .    One gallon of water per person, per day and food that won't spoil, like canned goods. Include a manual can opener.

·    Emergency tools such as a battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries.

·    First aid kit that includes a list of any allergies and contact lenses or an extra pair of glasses.

·    At least a three- to five-day supply of medications.

·    Sanitation supplies including: toilet paper, soap, plastic garbage bags and personal hygiene supplies.

·    A change of clothing, footwear and blanket, pillow or sleeping bag.

·    Extra set of car keys; cash in small denominations or traveler's checks.

·    Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members such as disposable diapers, baby food, walkers, canes or familiar comfort items.

·    Personal entertainment, such as cards, handheld video games with extra batteries, books

2.       Special considerations for Supply Kit.

If you or someone in your home has a disability, please be sure to include the following in your Supply Kit.

.             Extra eye glasses

              Hearing aid/wheelchair/oxygen batteries

              List of prescription meds, including dosage, allergy information

              3 day supply of all medications/Medical supplies/

              Contact information for pharmacy/MD/Medical Supply providers

              Copies of all insurance information/other important documents.

              List of all serial/model numbers for medical

              Battery operated radio/batteries

3.       Dominion Power Outages:

Customers with breathing devices powered by electricity must fill out a form and have a doctor certify their condition. Return the form to Dominion and your name gets on a list to receive a call any time Dominion is aware of a major storm that could cause extensive outages.

The advance call gives you time to prepare backup systems or contact a friend or family for emergency arrangements during the power outage. You can find the form on Dominion's website.

4.        Emergency Shelters: 

Schools are designated as emergency shelters, starting with High Schools.  Bring your emergency supply kit

5.       Local Red Cross numbers

420 East Cary Street
Richmond VA 23219
Primary Contact: Sana Khalid, Volunteer Services
Secondary Contact: Peter VonDerLippe, The Language Bank
Phone- 804-780-2250

Phone- 804-343-2090 Interpreters

Fax- 804-649-2131

6.      Additional Information