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We have one application for all three localities.  On the application, there is an area to indicate which area which best meets your needs.

Assisted Athletes

Assisted Athletes are individuals who require some type ofassistance to participate in a variety of races. The specific nature of an individual’s hurdles are not of importance for participation with UA. It is the desire to participate coupled with the need for a bit of extra help to accomplish this goal.


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Guide Athletes

Our Racer Athletes compete side by side with our Assisted Athletes as a team.  This partnership promotes friendships between individuals who otherwise might not have met.  Race speed/skill are not the important factor, a desire to help is.  Since we are a multi-sport program we invite athletes from various backgrounds to join us.  Just remember, these are EVENTS not RACES

The safety of our Assisted Athletes is of upmost importance to United Athletics.  UA  requires the following two background checks.  Applicants must successfully pass both background checks to participate with UA .

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Ambassador Racers


 We are so glad that you will be joining us!

The Ambassador Racers are individuals who desire to assist United Athletics with our fundraising efforts and join a special program that we have to offer.  These individuals will select a race(s) to participate in, and pledge to raise a specific amount of money for our organization.  The races can be of any type, and do not always have to be located in the Richmond area. 

Should your personal race include an Assisted Athlete, and you are not a family member, please be sure to register as a United Athletic Racer including the application and background checks.

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Welcome!  We have so many opportunities for volunteers to help.  Please fill out theVolunteer Application.

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